Fresh. Dynamic. Sporting

Fresh Aquatic

The freshness of the marine notes conveys olfactory sensations expressing youth, elegance and dynamism. A masculine sporty scent for adventure lovers.

Fresh Spicy

Intense masculine fragrance combining the freshness of citrus and the spicy effect of ginger and green pepper with a background of woody and balsamic notes of sandalwood and opoponax.

Spicy Woody

Perfect perfume “pour homme” based on sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, spices and grey amber.

Elegant. Selective. Distinguished

Fougère Woody

Intense, innovative, masculine fragrance combining a lavender-cardamom chord with a base of cedar, patchouli, amber and opoponax.

Fougère Aromatic

Intense, tenacious, aromatic fragrance comprising bergamot, tangerine, neroli, lavender, patchouli, sage, cedar, sandalwood and vetiver.  Essences of masculine effect conferring an olfactory sensation of highly elegant distinction.

Woody Floral

Subtle and delicate violet notes give this fragrance an unmistakable character. A counterpoint of mosses and aromatic notes confer a virile and elegant effect.

Ambery Spicy

Perfume strong, intense, great personality,with notes of cinnamon, spices, leather,patchouli and amber which give it a unique character. It is a fragrance that generates passions, that leaves no one indifferent.

Aromatic. Vibrant. Tenacious

Fougère Amber

Freshness of bergamot, Artemis mint, lavender and neroli, combined with a structure of cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, ambar, tonka bean and musk. Intense, personal, unmistakeable, tenacious manly fragrance.

Woody Aromatic

Aquatic freshness, counterpoint of noble wood, Mediterranean citrus, rosemary and lavender create a fresh, dynamic, sporty, tenacious atmosphere.

Woody Spicy

Initial freshness of green orange, bergamot and lily of the valley is the prelude of a succession of rich wrapping notes based on lavender, nutmeg, cedarwood, labdanum, grey amber and white musk. A  fragrance expressing elegance and personality.

Fruity Aromatic

Bergamot, bitter orange and grapefruit confer fresh sensations diluted in an intense body of aggressive notes of mastic, lavender, rosemary, labdanum, clove, pepper and musk. A perfume expressing the elegance of today’s dynamic and creative man.

Aromatic Citrus

Mediterranean citrus – bergamot, lemon and bitter orange – a counterpoint of wild notes and a background of white musk achieve a global effect of freshness, vibrance and persistence.