Do we use our sense of smell intelligently?

In today’s world of perfumes there is an unfortunate and growing tendency where the brand identity and advertising distort the true value of a fragrance. Sometimes the consumer unwittingly prefers the image of a brand to the authentic quality of a perfume. It is important to recover our ability to distinguish and identify fragrances. We must learn to smell with our eyes closed enjoying the beauty within a perfume. Saying “I like it!” or “I don’t like it!” only in accordance with our own personal criteria. Being able to do so requires the acquisition and cultivation of some basic concepts to educate our sense of smell.

GENERICS invites you to experience the world of aromatic products from which perfumes are born.

A fascinating world!

We are fascinated by perfumes because they convey emotions. They are the expression of our moods and an ethereal form of communication with the world around us.From its very origin perfume has been present throughout the cultural evolution of humanity. Perfume is as old as civilization itself. Human beings have always been interested in giving their bodies a more pleasant odour even in the most ancient times. Perfume is a mixture of natural essences and aromatic products, combined in a harmonious way to transform into pleasure the elemental act of breathing.

“Colors, smells and sounds are the intangible elements of a delicate, subtle and fascinating world."