Perfumes; a fascinating world!

We are fascinated by perfumes because they convey emotions. They are the expression of our moods and an ethereal form of communication with the world around us.




The History of Perfume

From its very origin perfume has been present throughout the cultural evolution of humanity. Perfume is as old as civilization itself. Human beings have always been interested in giving their bodies a more pleasant odour even in the most ancient times.

Egyptians, Hebrews, Persians, Greeks, Romans, as well as remote cultures in ancient China and India, provide evidence that confirms the appreciation of fragrant essences. These essences were considered to be objects of worship and were dedicated to Kings and Gods.

However it is in the eighteenth century when the origin of modern perfumes really takes place. Through the art of composition, that is to say the harmonious combination of essences, newer, richer, larger, and more subtle scents appeared.